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Kranti - Revolution in Accuracy

One of the few companies around the globe, with capabilities of machining critical components with utmost precision.

An OEM-supplier of All type of Critical Machined Components to Indian and Global automobile giants

Flexibility / Adaptability to Customer Requirement is one of the Core Strength leading them to cater various market segment / product range in form of Batch / Mass Production.

Today, if Kranti has successfully met stringent norms of international standards for accuracy and quality, it only speaks of its in-depth understanding of different markets and customer needs.


    • First SSI company in Pune to be certified for QS 9000 in year 2000
    • Early adopter of 5 Axis Turn Mill Centre & Horizontal Machining Centre in the year 2001 & 2004 respectively.
    • First Indian company to machine Integral Differential Case in single set up
    • First company from Small Scale sector to set up CNC CMM in 2001


Critical machined components & critical components manufactured by us with utmost precision.

An important breakthrough
Machining Differential Case in One Setup

Differential Case, being the heart of any automobile transmission, needs to be machined with utmost precision. This would conventionally require 3 or more setups posing difficulties to maintain required tolerances.

Kranti with their Process Optimisation Concept overcame this hurdle by machining all required critical parameters in a single setup.

  • First Time ever such a Process was adopted in Industry !

Our Customers are our most treasured assets.

We nurture every customer relationship with commitment, passion and integrity. We believe in converting business relationships into really long-lasting partnerships. We find various opportunities to work closely with them to understand their unique business needs, and then we are able to customise our solutions, process and products to meet their long-term business goals.